Vape Mail!

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Hello! This is not an update in the way of my life in Japan, it is an update on the recent influx of vape mail my husband and I have been receiving! I’m going to start with the bad packages … Continue reading

Flight Date Scheduled!

Roughly two weeks from now I’ll be on my way to Japan and my husband. As luck would have it the only flight out of Seattle to Japan that the military sponsors is full this week, so I have to wait until the next one. BUT, it’s scheduled and that’s all I wanted in the end. Conformation that this isn’t some dream and that I’m actually moving to such an awesome place.

My poor husband has been confined to the base as per our pre-leaving agreement, he’s not allowed to go off base and explore without me!So far he’s doing well, aside from a trip to a museum and a mandatory tour of the city that’s all he’s managed to do.

As for me, I”m packing all the rest of my things. Made my second trip to the post office, I’ve given them so much money in the past month it’s not even funny…. And began packing my serger in that nifty expandable foam stuffs. Hopefully it will arrive mostly unscathed.

That’s pretty much it though, lots of stress and hanging out with my mommy before I go. Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and Heather’s Heavenly Vapes tomorrow to hopefully get my Tree of Life mod. ^^

Oh Passport Where Art Thou

So today I finally called the DOD (Department Of Defense) about the status of my passport, lady told me that they couldn’t track no fee passports like mine but would check to see if it had been shipped – it had…. on the 4th of this month and had already been delivered. Needless to say I was upset about not getting an email with a tracking number and told her it hadn’t arrive yet, at which point she told me it was shipped to the DOD rep where I ordered it, which for me was at Robin’s AFB, almost two hours away. Same rep also told me that it would be delivered to my residence, not to him….. more upsetness…

That’s not even what upset me the most. If I had been emailed about the shipping I could have told my husband on Friday (in Japan, Thursday EST) to set up my flight with TMO and then meet my passport at Robin’s and then leave on Saturday. But now, because of all that I have to wait another week to leave to my new home. Upside, it gives me more time to procrastinate about may packing and shipping of all my belongings I dragged to Georgia with me from Arizona. Ah, c’est la vie.

Also, though I haven’t said this before, I vape. And I found a new mod that I want, the Tree of Life. I had planned on ordering it off of a site for $50, it’s a clone, since my local shop sells it for a crazy $75…. but now I have to wait on that as well or just have it shipped to my new address…. uhg…