Out Shopping

Last week I went out shopping in Shimoda and Hachinohe with Lady S. She’s kinda crazy, but someone I enjoy hanging out with a lot.

We started out getting lunch at her and her husband’s favorite ramen place, which was a new one for me. It’s nick named ‘Cat Balls’ because the sign outside has a huge cat on it with a giant set of them…. it’s weird… Needless to say, I won’t be changing my ramen house of choice, I enjoy Thunder Ramen a lot more.

On the way to Hachinohe I was telling her about how much I wanted a bunny, and almost ended up with one if it wasn’t for the fact that I would have to bunny proof the house and that I would rather have my dog instead. So, she decided to stop at a pet store. Two to be exact… One was dogs, where she got her two, but they also had a goat……


New goat friend xp

Then we went to one in the mall that sold the Norwegian mini bunnies I want as well as hedgehogs, one of which I also want….. so adorable. No pictures though, the store clerk was helping another customer standing right next to us…. We messed around and walked through the mall afterward, not really doing much aside from the arcade.

We also stopped by the fish market on our way to Shimoda to get my husband his favorite squid cake things. I also saw the BIGGEST apple I have ever seen in my LIFE!!!! I just about died! I seriously regret getting one, and I have never felt that way about an apple…. Seriously this thing was at least 6-7 inches in diameter! Honestly the picture does not accurately show it’s size, I will get one…… Awesome stuff.


The giant ass apples in the Hachinohe fish market

At Shimoda mall we spent majority of the time in the arcade, she loves her arcades. We played that weird circle rhythm game again, forcing me to play it on super hard with my retarded hand/eye coordination.

Shimoda Mall arcade, first floor.

Shimoda Mall arcade, first floor.

…. And then I saw them… The backpack of all backpacks, the randoseru. For those that don’t know, randoseru are the super square backpacks all the elementary and sometimes middle school students carry as part of their uniform. Most always seen in anime and Japanese movies. I have wanted one for the longest time, since I can remember first seeing them in Sailor Moon back in the early 2000s. Needless to say, I will have one. I have plans to turn it into a camera bag since I can think of no other use for one. But priced at anywhere from 30,000¥ to 60,000¥ (roughly $300 to $600) it might be a little bit. I’ve proposed getting it as my anniversary/Christmas gift. Since both are coming up really soon. ;p

RANDOSERU!!!!! All the needs!!!!

RANDOSERU!!!!! All the needs!!!!

Anyway, we ended the day by running some small errands like stopping at Sanwado, Yamada, and JoyM. As well as getting sammiches for dinner.

But that’s not all……. After I had finally decided to go to bed, my husband calls me at 3:30am. I was sound asleep and it was the best sleep I had had in a while…. “Babe, I had a blow out. I’m on the side of the road just before the beach. I need you to bring the car so I can put my tools and this stupid microwave in it and for you to help me change the tire.” Oh husband, he’s lucky I said “for better or for worse” because I was on the verge of strangling him. The cause? My dear, dear husband had neglected to check the wear on his tires, for a month. Which is something you should do when the camber on your car is super crazy like his. The band and wire mesh was showing through, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep. So my schedule was screwed for a few days. But it’s all good now.

It was a very long day, fun and frustrating, but long. :p