Home Wrecking Game

After watching his favorite lets-play channel, Game Grumps, on YouTube the past few days my husband thought it would be a smashing idea if we bought Monopoly. Danny and Erin, the hosts of Game Grumps, played the Wii version and for some reason it made him want to bring this home wrecking game into our house. This board game, simple as it may seem, has single-handedly ruined millions of families…. probably…. either way it causes lots of animosity amongst it’s players……..

MonopolyIt started innocently enough, about half way through all the properties were bought and we were both doing well, had lots of cash in our coffers….

The high point of the game

The high point of the game

Then I got tired…. it was close to my bedtime. And on top of that he had bought a hotel on Boardwalk around 11:30p….. aaaaaaaaaand I landed on it…. $2,000… and it was too much work in my state of tiredness and soreness from sitting on the floor to do the math to mortgage my properties…. So after 4 hours of playing, I folded. Because screw math when you’re half asleep.