I hate the snow.

Most people will call me crazy, “omg you hate snow! Whyyy?” And all that jazz…

Well, it started snowing yesterday here in good ol’ Japan, and I’m freaking out.
Now, there could be may reasons as to why I hate the white, fluffy ice clouds falling from the sky. One is probably the fact that I spent 4 years of my life in a significantly different snowy country and the novelty wore off. It’s not fun anymore.

Or… It’s the fact that I’m from a state where it snows once or twice a year, about 5 inches so not much, and they are exceedingly unprepared. Every year.

If you’re from the states you probably heard of Georgia’s debacle in January this year where people where parked on the side of the high way, having to walk miles to shelter and spending upwards of 24 hours in those shelters. Which were Targets, Krogers, Wal-Marts and so on.

Thankfully, I was not stuck on the high way. I know people who were. But even if I wasnt stuck on the high way I was suck somewhere else. Home. With no electricity because ‘Mr. Dudly-Do-Right’ (nickname given by my dad) decided to cut frozen branches off of powerlines. Alone. Cutting off power to half the street. On top of that, if I wanted to leave the house I’d have to battle the crazy long, hilly drive way. Then! I’d have to battle our long, hilly road. Both covered in ice.

So, when people ask me why I hate snow…. this is why…. this is why.

Anyway, pic of the first snow fall. No sticking on the road. And about 4 hours later it was 3 inches deep on the grass. And it all melted before 5pm…



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