More Allergies…

So today I had another allergic reaction to nothing at all. My parents convinced me to go to the doc, so yeah…

My lips instantaneously swelled up again, no idea why. First I thought it was the chocolate, but I guess it wasn’t.

There were no appointments at family health, so I had to go to the UCC, sort of an Urgent Care facility. After explaining this incident, the previous one and any other allergies I have they  decided to give me a Benadryl IV.

The Captain that originally saw me sent in an Airman 1st Class and a Senior Airman (A1C and SrA respectively) to give it to me. Both are low ranks, E3 and E4, both were still training… I knew I was in for trouble.

I hate needles to begin with, the skin piercing makes me nauseous. So I told the A1C that he had one chance, and that he had a lot to live up to since my dad was a nurse in the Army and could stick even the most troublesome veins. I think I might have made him nervous, because he lost it. My vein collapsed on him and he couldn’t get it back! So he got another Captain. She asked if there was a history in my family with then being hard to stick, and I told her my mom was and that my dad was the only person who could ever find her veins. And after the Captain finally found one she revealed to me that I have small veins too, like my mother. But she got out on the first try. Which was good.

After the needle was in she told me she had to push done saline through to make sure it was good and that it would taste salty. I always thought that was a myth, but sure enough I got this weird salt watery taste in my mouth and started laughing! My husband thought it was rather funny, and the Captain thought my reaction was amusing. Then the Benadryl went in, I sat back, and waited.

Then the first Captain came back in, he seemed surprised that the swelling in my lips hadn’t gone down and advised me to see an allergy specialist and possibly a neurologist since the swelling came before or after a bad headache both times.

Needless to say it was an eventful day, and the Benadryl didn’t make me drowsy. Which was the weirdest part…


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