Sugar Sunday!

Since it’s starting to get very cold out here I’m going to share my favorite summer treat. I don’t know exactly what they’re called but they are the best!

They’re basically just ice pops that tastelike watermelon and honey dew melon, but they’re not super sweet and sugary. Just really refreshing and yummy!

That’s not even the best party though! Each one has little bits of chocolate coated crispies in it! The honey dew has white chocolate and the watermelon has regular milk chocolate! I love them!





2 thoughts on “Sugar Sunday!

  1. > I don’t know exactly what they’re called

    They’re simply called “Suika & Melon Bars” by Lotte. “Suika” means “watermelon”, “melon” is what Japanese call “cantaloupe” (or “Honeydew melon”).

    It’s mascot is a hippo because it’s a Japanese play on words 「スイカバー」 before they offered the “melon” version. “Suika Bar” (Watermelon Bar) contains the Japanese word “kaba”, which means “hippo”.

    Also, your package says “contains six bars (three of each flavor)” and that they “have 5% real fruit juice”.

    • Wow! Thank you so much! I don’t read any kanji and I speak the bare minimum of Japanese so your comments have really helped me figure out what some of my favorite things are as well as figure out some things I’ve encountered! I really appreciate it!~ ^^

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