My Love: Daiso

A couple week ends ago I finally found a normal Daiso, I was soooo happy! This place is now my favorite store in Japan. It is much larger and full of so much more stuff than the mini one inside a local grocery store, and it’s a lot closer than I anticipated! I really don’t have much more to say on the matter. That’s how much I love this place!!!

There are so many things here! I got A LOT of stuff!!!! Gifts for friends, and the rest was for me! ;p I got some deco craft supplies for a friend of mine in Florida, fake whipped cream, ice cream cones and dishes. As well as sprinkles, mini strawberries and assorted mini fruits. I was also finally able to get a hold of some spring frames to make some coin purses. And my search for plush stuffing came to an end with the best stuffin’ fluff in the world! It’s too good to be called polly-fill, it’s so much softer! I couldn’t stop touching it!~ I also grabbed some children’s rice bowls that lok like Rilakkuma and his duckie friend! The best part, imho, is the mini strawberry trash can! It’s probably about 6-7″ tall and for 100¬•!!!!

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On the same weekend, we also went to McDonald’s, nothing abnormal since I love McDonald’s here. But we got these nifty takoyaki type nuggets. They were without the ‘tako’ or octopus, but they had all the same makings of takoyaki, even the sauce on top!

Edit: Thanks to a commenter I found the nuggets are tofu and minced fish! XD

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Anyway, enjoy!!!! ^^


Misawa Air Show

This past weekend was the base air show. I really like them, firstly they’re just fun, secondly I get to learn about planes and jets from my husband which is always fun anyway. But I haven’t been to one in a couple years but this show was one to remember! I got to see the JASDF’s Aerobatic¬†flight demonstration team, the Blue Impulse.

Further more, the Japanese are very European when it comes to social gatherings. Blankets, tables, chairs and basically full on dining rooms all over the flight line! Hilarious!

Anywho, there were a bunch of jets repainted to have cherry blossoms on the tail for the 60th anniversary of the JASDF. It’s super cute!~


This is also the first air show where I have ever seen models posing with the aircraft. The Airmen I was walking around with thought it was the most novel thing and took photos. Mine got one accompanied by the back of an unsuspecting japanese man’s head! xp


I didn’t get any pictures, I forgot to charge my camera’s battery the night before. So I didn’t get to take any other than these two that my husband took with his phone.

Doctor Who!

The best show in the universe! I haven’t been a Whovian for long, and I’m still trying to catch up on the old episodes, but I’m getting there… slowly…

Most of you know, if you follow Doctor Who, that the new season started roughly two weeks ago. I’ve finally watched episode two, and I have to say that I have a greater appreciation for lasagne…. Sorry, I couldn’t help that!

capaldirainI have to say that I kind of love Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, he’s definitely not childish like 11 and a lot more mean than Tennant ever was. Not so hell bent on saving everyone and every thing, seeing the world for how it is and accepting his place and the place of everyone else. Now this is just what I’ve seen from the first two episodes, there are still 11 more, plus the Christmas special, at least in this season.

clara-capaldi-danny-series-8Aside from all that, I want to know who the heck this new guy Danny is going to be. Dare I say, a new Micky? Who knows…. Even though I know that everyone’s question is “who is Missy?” I know that will be answered in good time, Danny is the mystery I want an answer too. Hopefully I’m not just getting my hopes up, and all of this isn’t just some silliness I’ve decided to cling to…. But I have hope. We’ll see in later episodes!