Food and Things

Last weekend was very fun, full of foods and fun new things.

On Saturday I was feeling kinda down. Homesick, more or less and just all around blah. So my dear husband took me out for a treat: ramen. I love ramen in Japan, instant, fresh, everything… Except spicy… I don’t do spicy. We finally sat behind the bar, so I got to see into the kitchen, and actually sit at a table. An American table, not a japanese one since at this place those tables are reserved for large parties. Anyway, I got my favorite – pork dumpling ramen.



We also went to the magazine/music store to get NMB48, but I chickened out because I’m chicken and hate being judged… one day… lol

On Sunday we went out with Lady S, my friend from high school that was stationed here with her husband 2 years before we got here.

We took the toll roads, which was scary because she drives super fast on those roads. It reminded me of driving on the Autobahn when I was younger… lol but we arrived at an little curry place called Coco’s in Hatchinohe, just south of Misawa. I got fried chicken and veggie curry, but I liked Mr. A’s croquet curry better.


Then we went to the SEGA arcade across the street. Lady S and I battles on one of her favorite games, the name is Maimai by SEGA, but it was like DDR but with a giant circle and a touch screen. Here’s a YouTube video, my husband disappeared before I could ask him to record me, go figure. Maybe another time. (I’ll embed the video when I get to my desk top)

Playing【maimai】SEGA :O:

Then we went next door to a “thrift” store. Lady S told me that the Japanese don’t really know the meaning of “thrift” so it was more like an anime resell shop. They sold lots of figures, anime related toys, old video games, stuffies, manga, CDs and omg the list goes on for forever! I didn’t get pictures of much because there were employees all over, but again, next time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, I found a new alcoholic beverage thanks to Lady S. It’s a summer seasonal drink and sadly I learned about it at the end of the season, so next year I’ll have loads more. But, if you’ve ever had Ramune (the Japanese drink with a marble you have to punch down) it tastes like that but with alcohol, and it is fantastic!


Anyway, that was my weekend! Thanks for reading!!!  ^^


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