Nothing Much

So far, nothing much has been going on. Mr. A and I haven’t done much due to the fact that he has been working weekend for the past few weeks, making it very hard to visit around town and go to festivals. Due to this we missed a very large one in a city near us, but there is always next year?

It has been raining a lot lately, almost 2 days straight now. There have been lots of floods and mud slides in the surrounding cities on the back roads as well as the toll roads.

We did buy a new car though, a 1995 Toyota Majesta. It is very stanced out, which is why Mr. A loves it so much. It is very clean (as far as no dirt and looking nice), it has been lowered and it’s got quite a lot of camber, 5% to be exact. Which is a crap load, I told Mr, A that it reminds me of a hover car. You know the ones where the wheels flip out and then it just floats there! It’s rather amusing. But I told him it has to go due to the financial aspect of it, a set of tires every 8 months! Since it rides on the edge of the tire due to the camber. Soon….

I also got my license finally. It is very weird driving on the wrong side of the road. everything is all backward feeling. I’ll make a video one of these days of it all.

Anyway, I just wanted to give an update. As you can see, not much is happening due to all these outside issues. The rain will pass though and we’ll be up to out normal shenanigans again!!! XD


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