Vape Mail!

Hello! This is not an update in the way of my life in Japan, it is an update on the recent influx of vape mail my husband and I have been receiving!

I’m going to start with the bad packages and work towards the awesome packages! I hope you’re okay with that.

20140708_133951Firstly, we got our order from Mt Baker Vapor. Initially I was excited, but my excitement quickly turned to disdain and almost hatred. Mr. A wanted to order bulk of his favorite flavor (the large bottle), Hawk Sauce. I didn’t like it to begin with when he got the first order from them. This time though, I ordered some juices for myself, I like to change flavors A LOT, and by a lot I mean almost daily (we also got some VTC5 batteries). So I ordered 6 juices from them. Now, when I say excitement turned to disdain, this is what I mean. I smelled all of them, and aside from one, they all smelled fantastic! (I always smell my juices before vaping) And because of this I was very excited, so I tried one… and it tasted like I was gnawing on a bar of soap. I tried two more, same result. I tried two more and they had an exhale of soap, and the last tastes like Lemon Pledge. I will not be ordering from them ever again…. (60/40, 6mg nic, some extra flavor shots here and there)

20140708_162050~01Their only redeeming quality is the nutrition label on the sticker…

20140716_021039~01Next, we got our order from a site that I can’t remember, but we ordered to TOBH Atty V2 clones to try out before we shelled out the cash for the real thing. I love this RDA…. it is the bee’s knees! For lack of a better PG phrase… We will be buying the real ones soon enough.

20140714_174623~01Next I got my order from Mr. Good Vape. These juices are awesome, and after vaping these I have realized that I only have eyes for designer juices like these. I got the #2 sample pack b/c I did NOT want to try the pistachio flavor they offer (it was in both of the other two sample packs). Awesome packaging too, custom cut foam… awesome…. As well as a 15ml 6mg bottle of “Moon Sugar.” Each flavor is 5ml and 6mg nic, no idea on the PV/VG ratio though. Some of them need time to steep, so they are doing that now. But the “Moon Sugar” was ready to go! It tastes like you just shoved your face into a bag of brown sugar. Heavenly!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, I got my order from Alice in Vapeland, also a designer juice company. I previously owned one of their juices that I got from a local shop in Georgia, it was vaped… quickly… I loved it so much that I had to try more! So on their order day I place an order for the “A Little Bit of Everything,” where they send you 3ml bottles of all of their flavors in their main line, I also ordered a 15ml bottle from their Oddity line called “Forgotten Memories,” a grape flavor. I also asked them to add samples of two flavors from their Oddity line called “The Bandersnatch” and “Ginger by the Sea,” and they sent some! They are all 6mg nic and PV/VG is their ‘ideal’ ratio, so I don’t know what it is. So far I have only tried the “Forgotten Memories” and smelled the rest. So far, I’m impressed. the one flavor tastes great, love it. The others smell absolutely wonderful! I’ll do a post going over all the flavors and what I think about them once I try them all with Mr. A. They get an A+ customer service AND packaging. Watch the gallery to see what I mean on that. Not to mention, all full size bottles come with a charm relevant to the flavor or name of the juice! How awesome!!!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I have to get back to cleaning because our TMO (household goods) arrives on Saturday and the base rental place is coming to pick up the rented furniture on Thursday!!!

And as Rip Trippers always says: “And remember: smoking is dead, vaping IS the future… and the future is now!!!”


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