A Few of My Favorite Things

My absence the past few weeks was partly due to tracking the typhoon down south, shopping and binge watching Chuck on Netflix… but I do have pictures… lots… new favorite food items, some silly ones, arcades and Gundam models. Because of the multitude of pics I’m going to split them up. ^^

My current two favorite stores here in Japan are Homac (a home accessory and appliance store) and Universe (a grocery store sort of like Kroger or Publix).

One of my favorite things at Homac was the metal petrol suitcases (gas cans). I must have one or 5 and send some to my FiL and Dad when I can.


Universe market was right next door. I finally found some Poppin’ Cookin’ candies as well as Happy Kitchen candies too. (Both of these are the latter because they looked cooler lol)


I even found these awesome popsicles. They are my new favorite! Watermelon and honeydew melon flavor. The watermelon had dark chocolate “seeds” and the honeydew has white chocolate ones.


Also… mushrooms… unless you pay out the butt and live in near an awesome farmer’s market you will probably never be able to buy mushrooms like these stateside. I can’t remember the names of most of them but I have never seen them in s chain grocery store.


Anywho, I’ll leave you with that. I’ll gather my thoughts about the mall, maybe visit it again, and then tell you guys all about it. Thanks for reading!~


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