Seeing Misawa-shi

Two in a row, yay!!!!

Mr. A and I went to see Misawa and a neighboring town called Hachinohe today. First we stopped to get lunch, it may sound weird with all the other good eats around that I was very excited to try Japanese McDonald’s. And let me tell you, I’ve eaten a lot of Micky-D’s in my life and this was the best I’ve ever had. I got my favorite, a double cheese burger (had to try that before I got adventurous), and it was so good. First off, it was actually hot. Not war, not sitting under a lamp hot, actual made 5 minutes ago hot. It was the best. Next, the patty was peppered, Mr. A tried to tell me that they do the same in the US, and I was like ‘no.’ I have never had a peppered patty stateside, maybe it’s the crappy teenagers or what, but they are not like this!

After that we went to the 100¥ shop again. I wanted to get some things for friends without feeling judged (silly I know). But I got some cute, inexpensive things and some candy for 3 of my closest stateside friends, Lady J, N and H.

1403950705108_4473967358_8c709aebWe then ventured to Hachinohe, it’s about 45 minutes away from Misawa Air Base, and it’s all on teeny tiny, very scary roads! But we made it to our destination, a fish market that that my husband had visited on a mandatory tour. First off, yes. It did smell very much of fish, but you get over that quickly once you see all the snacky cakes waiting for you and calling out to you from the non-fish stalls.

We picked up some that my husband had tried on his previous trip, a squid cake. It is in the shape of a Hostess Snowball, but the outside is a black sponge cake made with squid ink, and it’s filled with a very sweet white cream as well as a sweet citrusy green jelly, it is very good! I also picked out some Apple Omelets for myself, it’s a yellow sponge cake folded over like an omelet and filled with the same sweet white cream as the squid cake but the jelly is apple flavoured and very good.

20140628_212201I also found a long sought after candy that I’ve always wanted to try, kompeito. Again, for those that don’t know kompeito is a candy of Portuguese decent that the Japanese adopted. It is a sort of rock candy that is shaped into star like balls instead of sticks. I love them!

20140629_091942I also found some adorable Sake bottles in the Sake section of the market. These ones are shaped like animals and are filled with little Sake, but I think they are more for the bottle than anything. xp


I also found some adorable cell phone charms that I will have to go back and get because I love squiddies! XD

20140628_170603Anyway, that was my day with my husband, tomorrow we venture to find a ramen shop that we like!~ ^^


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