Dinner with Lady S

On Friday I went out with a high school friend of mine that is also stationed here with her husband, I’ll call her Lady S, we went to the 100¥ shop here in town and I had super sensory over load. The building was packed with other shops (grocery store, 100¥ shop, kawaii shop, beauty shop and a food court), and each shop was filled to the brim with STUFF! So many things to look at so little time! I didn’t buy much because she was with me, didn’t want to have that weird ‘otaku’ vibe, which I am not. But we had fun, and since she’s half Japanese, and learned to speak Japanese while in the US from her mother and from a side class, it was fun learning about all the things and watching her mingle with and speak with the native Japanese.

from the 100¥ shop I mostly bought candy, my favorite is this cotton candy pop rocks mixture, and I also picked up somethings from the grocery store side, ramen bowls, Japanese dessert bread and some more candies:

20140628_093552We then went to dinner at a rotating sushi bar, it was so much fun! For those that don’t know, all the sushi comes by on a conveyer belt and you pick with you want, everything is priced by the color of the plate so when you’re finished a waiter comes around and counts your plates and then you pay. For my husband and I to eat it cost me roughly 1,000¥, which is about $10. (top pic is of the conveyer belt the middle is a bottle of MSG lol, and the bottom is my pudding dessert).


20140627_195135That’s about it for my day with Lady S, she had to retire since she had work in the early morning.


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