Outing to a Museum

Alrighty, so I went on my first outing in town today. Mr. A and I went to the Misawa Aeronautics and Science Museum to see all the jets, planes and other sciencey things they have there.

We had a lot of fun, even though he went when he first got here, but it was okay. I had fun learning about the planes from him, as I always do, and just hanging out with him in general since that is something that hasn’t happened in a year.

But anyway, at the museum they have the first plane to make a trans-Pacific flight, Miss Veedoh. Very awesome, and very orange.


Miss Veedoh. First plane to fly across the Pacific ocean in one go

They also have bits of the plane that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan in WWII. They also had the engine and a model, but I was sneaking pics and didn’t get those x.x


Propeller of atomic bomb plane.

One of the cooler parts, I think, was the timeline of planes. There were seven cases like the one pictured packed with model planes and jets.


The science portion was more interactive so I didn’t get any pictures of that, but it was equally as fun.

They also had a bunch of jets/planes outside that you could climb into, which was fun.


Inside the plane!!!!

We then went home and I got some of my favorite Japanese candy. It’s flavoured cotton candy with pop rocks in it. Love the stuff.


My favorite Japanese candy

Any who, that was my afternoon. Had lots of fun like I said. Can’t wait for the weekend when I get to explore off base more!!!


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