Good Morning From Japan!

After a long weekend I finally arrived in my new home at Misawa Air Base. It was very stressful and very tiring and I’m glad it’s over with… I’ll keep it short, and I promise there will be a lot less complaining. But I have to tell the story of my gauntlet. Lol

My family had prepared brunch, of which I ate nothing. Too sick from anxiety too keep anything down. I resorted to moping and throwing up all morning and after noon. But we finally left and after arriving at Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta I was informed by the ticket people that since I was not a minor or active duty military (even though I was traveling on orders) that I could not get gate passes for my family… So after a heart felt good bye at the security check point I made my way to the terminal – alone….

Upon getting there I noticed my flight had been delayed 45 minutes. Okay fine, it’s been raining like crazy. Pass. 20 minutes later it gets delayed again and we’re told that we are waiting on flight attendants on a plane coming from Baltimore, then it’s delayed again. But finally, after a 2 hour delay we board and head to Seattle.

Once I reached Seattle I was grateful to be on the ground. I gathered my checked luggage and then proceeded to search, with 5 other Army guys, for the USO so I could nap after taking my luggage to the annex. Then I slept off and on for 2 hours until 1am, when I again collected my luggage and headed to ticketing to wait in line for 5 hours. Then I headed to my gate, where I waited for another 3 hours. The whole time I was trying too sleep in a sub zero terminal with nothing but jammies and a jacket on.

But we finally boarded, and so began the worst flight ever. Not sleeping for more than 10 minutes at a time, babies crying and mothers ignoring them, a couple of sub par meals and one sore back was all it took to make me want to kiss the ground when we landed. At least I had a decent neighbour and the in flight movies were okay?

I made is safely tough. And immediately decided that driving on the wrong side of the road was exceptionally weird. But that’s a story for another day. ^^


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