Seeing Misawa-shi

Two in a row, yay!!!!

Mr. A and I went to see Misawa and a neighboring town called Hachinohe today. First we stopped to get lunch, it may sound weird with all the other good eats around that I was very excited to try Japanese McDonald’s. And let me tell you, I’ve eaten a lot of Micky-D’s in my life and this was the best I’ve ever had. I got my favorite, a double cheese burger (had to try that before I got adventurous), and it was so good. First off, it was actually hot. Not war, not sitting under a lamp hot, actual made 5 minutes ago hot. It was the best. Next, the patty was peppered, Mr. A tried to tell me that they do the same in the US, and I was like ‘no.’ I have never had a peppered patty stateside, maybe it’s the crappy teenagers or what, but they are not like this!

After that we went to the 100¥ shop again. I wanted to get some things for friends without feeling judged (silly I know). But I got some cute, inexpensive things and some candy for 3 of my closest stateside friends, Lady J, N and H.

1403950705108_4473967358_8c709aebWe then ventured to Hachinohe, it’s about 45 minutes away from Misawa Air Base, and it’s all on teeny tiny, very scary roads! But we made it to our destination, a fish market that that my husband had visited on a mandatory tour. First off, yes. It did smell very much of fish, but you get over that quickly once you see all the snacky cakes waiting for you and calling out to you from the non-fish stalls.

We picked up some that my husband had tried on his previous trip, a squid cake. It is in the shape of a Hostess Snowball, but the outside is a black sponge cake made with squid ink, and it’s filled with a very sweet white cream as well as a sweet citrusy green jelly, it is very good! I also picked out some Apple Omelets for myself, it’s a yellow sponge cake folded over like an omelet and filled with the same sweet white cream as the squid cake but the jelly is apple flavoured and very good.

20140628_212201I also found a long sought after candy that I’ve always wanted to try, kompeito. Again, for those that don’t know kompeito is a candy of Portuguese decent that the Japanese adopted. It is a sort of rock candy that is shaped into star like balls instead of sticks. I love them!

20140629_091942I also found some adorable Sake bottles in the Sake section of the market. These ones are shaped like animals and are filled with little Sake, but I think they are more for the bottle than anything. xp


I also found some adorable cell phone charms that I will have to go back and get because I love squiddies! XD

20140628_170603Anyway, that was my day with my husband, tomorrow we venture to find a ramen shop that we like!~ ^^


Dinner with Lady S

On Friday I went out with a high school friend of mine that is also stationed here with her husband, I’ll call her Lady S, we went to the 100¥ shop here in town and I had super sensory over load. The building was packed with other shops (grocery store, 100¥ shop, kawaii shop, beauty shop and a food court), and each shop was filled to the brim with STUFF! So many things to look at so little time! I didn’t buy much because she was with me, didn’t want to have that weird ‘otaku’ vibe, which I am not. But we had fun, and since she’s half Japanese, and learned to speak Japanese while in the US from her mother and from a side class, it was fun learning about all the things and watching her mingle with and speak with the native Japanese.

from the 100¥ shop I mostly bought candy, my favorite is this cotton candy pop rocks mixture, and I also picked up somethings from the grocery store side, ramen bowls, Japanese dessert bread and some more candies:

20140628_093552We then went to dinner at a rotating sushi bar, it was so much fun! For those that don’t know, all the sushi comes by on a conveyer belt and you pick with you want, everything is priced by the color of the plate so when you’re finished a waiter comes around and counts your plates and then you pay. For my husband and I to eat it cost me roughly 1,000¥, which is about $10. (top pic is of the conveyer belt the middle is a bottle of MSG lol, and the bottom is my pudding dessert).


20140627_195135That’s about it for my day with Lady S, she had to retire since she had work in the early morning.

Outing to a Museum

Alrighty, so I went on my first outing in town today. Mr. A and I went to the Misawa Aeronautics and Science Museum to see all the jets, planes and other sciencey things they have there.

We had a lot of fun, even though he went when he first got here, but it was okay. I had fun learning about the planes from him, as I always do, and just hanging out with him in general since that is something that hasn’t happened in a year.

But anyway, at the museum they have the first plane to make a trans-Pacific flight, Miss Veedoh. Very awesome, and very orange.


Miss Veedoh. First plane to fly across the Pacific ocean in one go

They also have bits of the plane that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan in WWII. They also had the engine and a model, but I was sneaking pics and didn’t get those x.x


Propeller of atomic bomb plane.

One of the cooler parts, I think, was the timeline of planes. There were seven cases like the one pictured packed with model planes and jets.


The science portion was more interactive so I didn’t get any pictures of that, but it was equally as fun.

They also had a bunch of jets/planes outside that you could climb into, which was fun.


Inside the plane!!!!

We then went home and I got some of my favorite Japanese candy. It’s flavoured cotton candy with pop rocks in it. Love the stuff.


My favorite Japanese candy

Any who, that was my afternoon. Had lots of fun like I said. Can’t wait for the weekend when I get to explore off base more!!!

Good Morning From Japan!

After a long weekend I finally arrived in my new home at Misawa Air Base. It was very stressful and very tiring and I’m glad it’s over with… I’ll keep it short, and I promise there will be a lot less complaining. But I have to tell the story of my gauntlet. Lol

My family had prepared brunch, of which I ate nothing. Too sick from anxiety too keep anything down. I resorted to moping and throwing up all morning and after noon. But we finally left and after arriving at Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta I was informed by the ticket people that since I was not a minor or active duty military (even though I was traveling on orders) that I could not get gate passes for my family… So after a heart felt good bye at the security check point I made my way to the terminal – alone….

Upon getting there I noticed my flight had been delayed 45 minutes. Okay fine, it’s been raining like crazy. Pass. 20 minutes later it gets delayed again and we’re told that we are waiting on flight attendants on a plane coming from Baltimore, then it’s delayed again. But finally, after a 2 hour delay we board and head to Seattle.

Once I reached Seattle I was grateful to be on the ground. I gathered my checked luggage and then proceeded to search, with 5 other Army guys, for the USO so I could nap after taking my luggage to the annex. Then I slept off and on for 2 hours until 1am, when I again collected my luggage and headed to ticketing to wait in line for 5 hours. Then I headed to my gate, where I waited for another 3 hours. The whole time I was trying too sleep in a sub zero terminal with nothing but jammies and a jacket on.

But we finally boarded, and so began the worst flight ever. Not sleeping for more than 10 minutes at a time, babies crying and mothers ignoring them, a couple of sub par meals and one sore back was all it took to make me want to kiss the ground when we landed. At least I had a decent neighbour and the in flight movies were okay?

I made is safely tough. And immediately decided that driving on the wrong side of the road was exceptionally weird. But that’s a story for another day. ^^

Flight Date Scheduled!

Roughly two weeks from now I’ll be on my way to Japan and my husband. As luck would have it the only flight out of Seattle to Japan that the military sponsors is full this week, so I have to wait until the next one. BUT, it’s scheduled and that’s all I wanted in the end. Conformation that this isn’t some dream and that I’m actually moving to such an awesome place.

My poor husband has been confined to the base as per our pre-leaving agreement, he’s not allowed to go off base and explore without me!So far he’s doing well, aside from a trip to a museum and a mandatory tour of the city that’s all he’s managed to do.

As for me, I”m packing all the rest of my things. Made my second trip to the post office, I’ve given them so much money in the past month it’s not even funny…. And began packing my serger in that nifty expandable foam stuffs. Hopefully it will arrive mostly unscathed.

That’s pretty much it though, lots of stress and hanging out with my mommy before I go. Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and Heather’s Heavenly Vapes tomorrow to hopefully get my Tree of Life mod. ^^

Oh Passport Where Art Thou

So today I finally called the DOD (Department Of Defense) about the status of my passport, lady told me that they couldn’t track no fee passports like mine but would check to see if it had been shipped – it had…. on the 4th of this month and had already been delivered. Needless to say I was upset about not getting an email with a tracking number and told her it hadn’t arrive yet, at which point she told me it was shipped to the DOD rep where I ordered it, which for me was at Robin’s AFB, almost two hours away. Same rep also told me that it would be delivered to my residence, not to him….. more upsetness…

That’s not even what upset me the most. If I had been emailed about the shipping I could have told my husband on Friday (in Japan, Thursday EST) to set up my flight with TMO and then meet my passport at Robin’s and then leave on Saturday. But now, because of all that I have to wait another week to leave to my new home. Upside, it gives me more time to procrastinate about may packing and shipping of all my belongings I dragged to Georgia with me from Arizona. Ah, c’est la vie.

Also, though I haven’t said this before, I vape. And I found a new mod that I want, the Tree of Life. I had planned on ordering it off of a site for $50, it’s a clone, since my local shop sells it for a crazy $75…. but now I have to wait on that as well or just have it shipped to my new address…. uhg…

Getting Started

Firstly, so you get the gist of what’s going on here, this blog is going to document my time in Japan as a military wife with a military husband.

To start off I’m going to give you some background, my husband (who is in the US Air Force) got orders to Korea in 2012 and was there from the summer of 2013 to the summer of 2014. Shortly after he received those orders he got follow on orders to Misawa, Japan, located in the Aomori Prefecture (the northern most prefecture of the main island). I’ve decided to wait until just before our move there to spare you the stressful details of his year long pseudo deployment and skip to the slightly less stressful details just before my big move.

Currently, my husband is in Japan waiting for me to arrive…. and I’m currently waiting on my military passport before I can leave. In the last couple of weeks I’ve dealt with applying for my passport, my military ID expiring, him leaving again and a huge TMO (military movers) fiasco.

As a military brat, none of this is new to me. I’ve dealt with my dad leaving, living in Germany and finally ending up in a small town in Georgia where I met my husband and where I began my married life.

The fun part will begin shortly, and I hope you’ll join me along my stressful journey there, setting up my new life and my exploration of a new country!~